Two passions of one Indian man

Vamsikrishna Yanamandra is 32 years old, and almost ten of them he is been living in Austria. Vamsi works at Infineon as a Component Verification Engineer. His first passion – playing snooker – gave him a title of Carinthia’s Master of snooker.


A green table with pockets at each of the four corners, 22 colour balls and a cue. Players try to strike the white ball to pot the remaining balls in the correct sequence, accumulating points for each pot. This game is originated in Jabalpur, India in the latter half of the 19th century; it has roots in billiards, which was a popular sport played by members of the British Army stationed in India.

Vamsi started playing snooker when he was 17 and had been living in India. On that moment, snooker meant for him just a fun. He moved to Austria to study his Master’s Degree and continued to go in for his favorite sport in Carinthia. One day in 2012 he decided to play some club tournaments in Villach. Vamsi recalled: “It was a moment when I realized that I need to train more to get better. I felt a sporting excitement.”

A title of Carinthia’s Master of snooker became his next step. A competition for this title was an idea of two biggest snooker clubs in Carinthia, Villach’s and Wolfsberg’s. The tournament was held in Wolfsberg. Four top players in the ranking list from each club competed for the great title. Vamsikrishna Yanamandra won it. It was his greatest success!

“The good thing about snooker is that I can socialize with a lot of locals,” he explained. “Snooker was for me not just a hobby, but a passion. However, I would like to be honest: now I am not so crazy about this sport as before. To improve my skills, I need a professional coach and better facilities. Besides snooker, I play badminton, cricket, and volleyball in my free time.”

And not only sport. A new Vamsi’s passion is playing guitar. He trains his hand taking YouTube lessons. He dreams to be a master at this area too. Vamsi is a person who is used to achieve his goals. Perhaps soon a Carinthia’s Master of snooker will invite us to his first concert.

Text: Vita Vitrenko