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The labour market in Austria

Labour market facts and figures
A total of 4,319,100 people were in employment across 2018, of which 2,295,600 were male and 2,023,500 female.

2018 AMS at a glance

The employment rate for persons aged 15 to 64, i.e. the number of employed persons as a percentage of all persons in this age group, was at 73.0% on average in 2018. The part-time employment rate (share of persons working less than 36 hours a week according to information provided by them) amounted to 28.2%. However, 47.5% of women and only 11.2% of men in gainful employment were employed part-time.


On average, in 2018 the number of unemployed people was 355,637. This represents an unemployment rate of 8.7% (registered unemployed).
The youth unemployment rate (15 to 24 years old) was at 6.7%, whereas the unemployment rate of elderly people (50 plus) was at 8.7%. Non-Austrian citizens were particularly affected by unemployment (11.3%).
When comparing the provinces, unemployment was highest in Vienna with 12.3% and lowest in Tyrol with 4.9%.

source: http://www.migration.gv.at/  


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