Red-White-Red card: Immigration System from 1st July 2011

Source: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Text: CIC

Since 1st July 2011 a new immigration system has applied in Austria. The aim is to offer qualified workers from third countries (countries outside the EU) and their family members an immigration process to Austria that is governed by specific criteria and is geared towards the long term.

The Red-White-Red Card

This entitles somebody to residency and to a fixed-term employment with a particular employer.

The following people may apply for an RWR Card:

1. The (particularly) highly skilled

2. Specialists in shortage occupations

3. Other key employees and/or

4. Foreign graduates

5. Self-employed key employees.

More information and further information regarding long-term immigration:


The following also applies to all applicants:

The RWR Card is only issued by the Citizenship and Registry Offices if all other general requirements in accordance with the Settlement and Residence Act have been met.

Status 04/2015