Source: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Text: CIC

a. (Especially) highly skilled

How do I proceed?

1. If you don’t have an employer in Austria, you initially apply for a residence visa for jobhunting from the Austrian representation authority (embassy, consulate) in your own country or in the country where you are living. (You receive a positive notification when the employment service (AMS) confirms to the representation authority that the necessary points for admission have been met.

2. You need an employment offer from an employer within the validity period of the visa with an employment contract.

Careful! The intended employment must be related to the applicant’s qualification and he or she must be paid an adequate salary. The employment service (AMS) checks and confirms whether or not these criteria are met!

3. You must show the employment contract to the appropriate residence authority in Austria and with it (since 1.7.2011!) you may apply for an RWR Card for twelve months there. This entitles you to the employment with this employer.

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