Source: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Text: CIC

b. Professionals in shortage occupations

How do I know if I’m working in a shortage occupation?

Shortage occupations are announced every year by the Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection in consultation with the Federal Minister of Economy, Family and Youth in an ordinance.

How do I proceed?

1. First of all, you obtain a statement about the observance of the terms of employment on the part of your intended employer.

2. You apply (since July 1st 2011!) for an RWR Card for twelve months from the Austrian representation authority (embassy, consulate) abroad. Here you also give in the explanation about the observance of the terms of employment.

If you 1. can prove that you have completed a vocational training in a shortage occupation and 2. that you have attained the pass mark according to the catalogue of criteria on page 4, you will receive an RWR Card without a labour market test.

The RWR Card entitles you to employment with this employer. Furthermore, the employer is obligated by law, ordinance or collective agreement to pay you the minimum wage allowed, and the company’s customary supplementary payments too if applicable.

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