Relocation Training

Helping Expats Settle in their Workplace and Within Carinthia

The seminar is aimed at newly arrived expat employees and their partners. Communicating the differences between the cultures and highlighting the expectations of both sides. The development of intercultural competence is considered a prerequisite for effective intercultural interaction and integration.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: EUR 195,- per person including lunch
  • Facilitator: Intercultural Experts
  • Registration: 


Developing Intercultural Competence

On the basis of Erin Meyers book (2018) “The Culture Map" we will explore and decode how people think, lead, and get things done across cultures. Using the eight-scale model to illustrate behaviour-based, cultural differences. The eight scales will illustrate how cultures differ on a spectrum between different extremes. The model is intended to help understand challenges in international business collaboration and thereby enable strategies for effective collaboration. The primary goal of this unit is to identify the cultural differences of various countries and to derive possible recommendations for living and working in Carinthia and/or abroad.

  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Price: EUR 95,- per person
  • Facilitator: Intercultural Experts
  • Registration:



How to Succeed at Interviews Through Decoding Stereotypes

This seminar is aimed at partners of expatriates, who are seeking employment in Carinthia. Often, the biases, misconceptions and stereotypes of the interviewer can influence the outcome of your job interview. Whether it is your age, gender, race, aesthetic features, or local language skills, learn how to use your knowledge of stereotypes to your advantage to overcome potential biases and misconceptions in local and international companies. With expert tips and strategies, simulations, and real-life examples, you will be prepared to present yourself in the best way. You will have a better understanding of how to navigate job interviews beyond stereotypes and increase your chances to succeed as a candidate.


Beyond Borders: Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication for Job Interviews

This seminar is aimed at partners of expatriates, who are seeking employment in Carinthia. Learn how to improve your cross-cultural communication skills for job interviews. We will discuss how to communicate effectively during the interview, including tips on body language, tone of voice, and active listening.  Develop your responses to challenging questions so that you are not afraid of getting the answers wrong or be left unable to answer.  Finally, adjusting your communication style to the interviewer's cultural background, avoid misunderstandings and to demonstrate cultural sensitivity. Don't miss this great opportunity to develop your skills to succeed at interviews with people from different cultural backgrounds!

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