Language Coaching for Professionals & Expats

Learning a new language can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

In order to best suit your needs, I’m currently offering 4 different coaching programs: 

Pronunciation Training:

a 4-week coaching program that gives you the potential to reach native-level speaking capabilities. 

Accountability & Mentorship:

a 4-week to 1-year coaching program in which I build a personalized study guide tailored to your needs, promote accountability, and more!

Agile Language Coaching:

formatted after the training style of Agile Project Management,  this is an all-inclusive, premium 12-week coaching program designed to change your life! Made for those serious about taking their skills to the next level and reaching their goals in record time. Limited availability: ACT NOW!

Consultation & Planning:

not sure where to start? Book a FREE call; let’s chat about your goals and struggle. 

Don’t wait any longer to reach your language goals…

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