Living in Carinthia

Where work-life balance is not just a keyword!

Moving to Carinthia has many advantages. You will find an environment where job, family, health and well-being are compatible. Embedded between lakes and mountains on the boarder to Italy and Slovenia you will find ways to work, have fun, relax and enjoy its culture, food and festivals all at the same time. Carinthia has a reasonable cost of living, an affordable health care system for everyone and is easy accessible from major hubs such as Vienna and Munich in just under three hours. It takes even less time to reach Ljubljana, Venice and other popular seaside destinations to explore it´s neighbouring countries.

The Carinthian International Center offers free support for your new start. Reach out to us before you leave your country of origin and we will provide you with all relevant information in regard to relocating, arriving, working and staying in Carinthia. Our team of experts, speaking ten languages, strives to make you feel welcome in Carinthia and will equip you with information about “Living and Working in Carinthia” and connect you with locals and internationals alike. We love to contribute to Carinthia becoming your new home away from home, both professionally and personally.

The Carinthian Edition of the ABA guide will be an additional resource for your convenience. It will be continuously updated with the latest information.


Carinthian Welcome Center