Allowances for families

Who is entitled to, where to go, what to bring? We are happy to guide you.

As a rule, children who have their main residence in Austria are entitled to family allowance. Family allowance must be applied for at the competent authority the Residence tax office (Finanzamt) by parents or legal guardians.

Family allowance is dedicated to:

  • underage children up to the age of 18.
  • From the age of 18, family allowance is only paid under certain conditions.

This is the case if the child e.g.

  • is undergoing vocational training (including university studies),
  • takes part in further training in a learned profession at a technical college and the exercise of the profession is not possible
  • is likely to be permanently unable to - support himself/herself due to a disability to support himself/herself,
  • is between the end of compulsory military service, training or civilian service and the start or the continuation of vocational training (the vocational training must be started or continued at the earliest possible point in time)

The amount of family allowance depends on the age of the child. In addition, there are child deductions and supplements if maintenance is granted to two or more children or one or more disabled children.

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