Are you thinking of moving to Carinthia?

Here we have some useful information for you. Information about available flats or houses is published in daily newspapers (e.g. Kleine Zeitung, weekend-editions are of particular interest), accessible via specialised agents or agencies (ImmobilienmaklerInnen - here you find them in local yellow pages under the section 'Immobilien') and a diverse set of other websites. For instance, city and community administrations also offer information about available property. If you have any questions regarding housing please contact us


Looking for a Home  

Homes are mainly sought online through sites such as:

Rental Contract

In urban areas there is a greater percentage of rental apartments. The law on rental apartments differentiates between two types of rent relationships, a primary leasehold (Hauptmiete) and a sublet (Untermiete). The main differences are basically determined by the amount of the rent, as well as the scope of protection against being given notice to leave the apartment. 

A primary leasehold is created when tenancy agreement a is drawn up between the person seeking housing and:

  • the owner of the building,
  • the owner of the apartment,
  • the tenant or lessor of the entire building or
  • the future proprietor of the apartment whose ownership has not yet been entered into the land register.

In the case of a limited tenancy agreement there is a legal minimum term of three years, but no legal maximum term. If a limited tenancy agreement is extended, the legal minimum term of three years also applies.

The tenant, however, is not bound to the legal extension of three years. A person  can cancel the tenancy agreement at any time, bearing the three month notice in mind.

Student Accommodation

Students have the opportunity to apply for a moderately priced apartment through the Non-profit Student Housing Service home4students. Appropriate apartments in older buildings including furniture can be rented from home4students  or one year, which may be extended as long as positive marks are achieved.

Students are required to show adequate study progress at the university (freshmen only need to present their A-levels), as well as their income situation and/or that of their parents.

In all cities with a university, there are a number of student dormitories which are built and administered by various associations, foundations, and public corporations.

Students can also share accommodation. More details you can find here


Students must register for student dormitories one semester before they begin to study at a university.


Cost of rent depends on several factors, such as distance to transportation networks, infrastructure, residential area, as well as the flat/house itself (furnished-unfurnished, etc.). In addition, general running costs (around 25% of the net-rent) for water, electricity, gas and/or other heating costs etc. are to be considered. Rent laws and regulations are applicable in various cases, particularly to older buildings. As their provisions are a rather complex and often complicated matter, it may be advisable to seek legal advice before signing a rent agreement or lease.

The Austrian law breaks down the costs of renting into three categories:

  • Hauptmiete: Net Rent
  • Betriebskosten: House Maintenance Costs
  • Umsatzsteuer(VAT): Tax (10% of the Net Rent + House Maintenance Costs)

All together this is called “Bruttomiete” (Gross Rent)

House insurance

Whether you choose to buy or rent property in Austria, it’s a good idea to protect against natural disasters, accidents, faults, and burglary. Home building insurance is compulsory in Austria if you buy a home, whereas contents insurance is optional.

Home insurance in Austria is usually split into two distinct policy types:

  • Homeowners’ insurance (Eigenheimversicherung) which is building insurance that protects the external property and any internal structures and fittings.
  • Household insurance (haushaltversicherung) which is contents insurance protecting movable belongings such as furniture, clothing and personal equipment.
  • Homeowners’ insurance is compulsory, whereas household insurance is optional. However, many insurance companies sell combined home insurance consisting of both household and homeowners coverage. This allows customers to get extra protection cheaper.

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