Language Awareness

The Workshop Speaker Dr.In Karin Martin

She obtained her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Verona (Italy) in September 2013. The main topics of her work in the field of clinical and applied linguistics were: Multilingualism; the linguistic and cognitive aspects of dyslexia; and the difficulties of learning a new language. Since completing her PhD, she has never stopped learning about the topic of multilingual education and development. She recently published her first online video course on this topic for Italian families: "L'avventura del multilinguismo". In Carinthia, she has been a self-employed linguist since 2014 and works as a lecturer and researcher at the FH. She holds conferences, trainings and provides consultancy services on multilingualism and language learning. Recently, she was able to deepen her expertise through a training on Neurolanguage Coaching, a new language teaching method based on the latest findings in neuroscience. 

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